Audi TT Rear Tail Light Connector Repair: Tips and Tricks

August 24, 2023
Audi TT Rear Tail Light Connector Repair: Tips and Tricks
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Audi TT Rear Tail Light Connector Repair: Tips and Tricks

Audi TT Rear Tail Light Connector Repair: Tips and Tricks


Owning a vehicle comes with its fair share of maintenance and occasional issues. One common problem faced by Audi TT owners is rear tail light connector problems. If you've experienced issues with your Audi TT's rear tail light, you're not alone. In this blog post, we'll explore a forum discussion where users share their experiences and solutions for repairing rear tail light connectors in Audi TT models.

The Forum Experience

One Audi TT driver shared their experience of dealing with a rear light issue. They initially purchased a new bulb holder tray, a new connector, and an earth wire. However, even after the replacements, they found themselves having to repeatedly scrape the contacts with a flat screwdriver to maintain functionality. While this seemed to work for a short while, the problem persisted.

The user noticed that the earth wire Audi sold had 'hooks' connectors on both ends, which created some challenges during installation. They contemplated modifying the earth wire by replacing one end with a spade terminal, making it easier to secure to a part of the car. While this solution worked temporarily, the user acknowledged that other Audi TT owners had reported having to clean the contacts every 3-4 months.

The Connector Design

Opening the plastic connector proved to be a tricky task. The user mentioned that the connector had a purple clip that locked the wires in place, which could be slid out. However, removing the wires themselves was a delicate process due to the hooks on the wires. The user shared their frustration in trying various tools like tiny screwdrivers, paper clips, needles, and toothpicks to unhook the wires. Ultimately, they found success with fine sharp tweezers and careful application of force. The key was to press the hooks on both sides simultaneously.

Another forum member chimed in, suggesting that makeshift tools like pins or needles from a sewing kit could be used to manipulate the wires. They also noted that newer connectors are often gold plated, reducing the chances of corrosion.

The Solution

The original poster later updated the thread with their ultimate solution. Despite attempting to scrape the connector on the bulb holder tray and experiencing temporary relief, they found themselves needing to perform the scraping ritual every month. Eventually, the issue escalated to the point where the brake light would fail shortly after activation.

To address the problem once and for all, the user decided to change the entire tray and replace all the bulbs. This comprehensive approach seemed to have resolved the issue, with no more reported problems to date.


Dealing with a Audi TT Rear tail light connector issue in your Audi TT can be frustrating, but as the forum discussion highlights, there are various solutions to explore. From scraping contacts to replacing the entire tray and bulbs, Audi TT owners have shared their experiences and insights to help fellow enthusiasts tackle this common problem. If you find yourself facing a similar issue, consider the advice and tips shared in this blog post to get your Audi TT's rear tail lights shining brightly once again. Just remember, with a little patience and the right tools, you can overcome these challenges and keep your Audi TT in top shape.

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