Astra K Rear Tail Light Connector Repair

August 13, 2023
Astra K Rear Tail Light Connector Repair
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Astra K Rear Tail Light Connector: Common Issues & Solutions
The Astra Owners Network forum has been buzzing with discussions about a prevalent issue faced by many Astra K owners. The rear tail light connector, specifically a loose earth connection, has been causing problems for many. This results in the light bulb dimming and brightening, indicating a loose connection that may need re-termination.
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The Main Issue
Many Astra K owners have reported problems with the rear tail light connector. The primary symptom is the light bulb's inconsistent brightness, which suggests a loose connection. This issue can be both a safety concern and an annoyance for drivers.
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Proposed Solutions and Suggestions
  1. Warranty Special Coverage: Some users have pointed out that there's a special warranty coverage for this earth pin problem. However, it's only for cars less than 5 years old or with less than 62,000 miles. This coverage is upon customer complaint only and is not a recall.
  2. Replacement Parts: For those looking for a quick fix, some users have opted to buy replacement bulb holders or plugs. One user mentioned a cost of £48 for the bulb holder and around £25 for the plug. Ours is only £3.99!
  3. Dealership Experience: Approaching the dealership can yield mixed results. Some users have had success in getting the issue fixed for free, emphasizing the illegality of driving with faulty lights. Others, however, faced resistance or high costs.
  4. Online Resources: For those looking for the connector, a link was provided to purchase a cheaper rear tail light plug connector from us here Astra K Tail Light Connector
This issue underscores the importance of active community forums like the Astra Owners Network. Such platforms allow car owners to share problems, solutions, and experiences, helping each other out in times of need.
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