ABS Sensor Connector Repair For VW Cars

August 10, 2023
ABS Sensor Connector Repair For VW Cars
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ABS Sensor Connector Repair for Volkswagen Group Vehicles

Understanding the ABS Sensor Connector

Role of the ABS Sensor Connector

The ABS sensor connector plays a vital role in relaying wheel speed data to the ABS control module. This information assists the module in determining when to adjust brake fluid pressure to prevent wheel lock-ups.

Common Symptoms of ABS Sensor Connector Failure

Some indicators suggest a possible fault in the ABS sensor connector:

  1. Illuminated ABS warning light: This is the most direct indication of a potential ABS issue.
  2. Erratic ABS function: The ABS might activate even under normal braking conditions or may not function when required.
  3. Braking inconsistencies: Unusual braking behavior, like longer stopping distances, can also be indicative of ABS sensor connector faults.

ABS Sensor Connector Repair Guide

Identifying the Right Parts

For ABS sensor connector repairs on Volkswagen Group vehicles, two part numbers are frequently referenced:

  • 1J0973702: While this is a possible replacement part, its usage is less frequent.
  • 6E0973702: This is the more common and widely accepted part for Volkswagen vehicles.

Before starting the repair, ensure that you have procured the right component, preferably the more common 6E0973702 for optimal compatibility.

Assess the Damage

Begin by examining the ABS sensor and the connector for visible damage or wear. Dirt, debris, or corrosion might be affecting the connector's function, so a thorough inspection is crucial.

Replacing the Connector

  1. Disconnect the battery: As a safety measure, always disconnect the vehicle's battery before starting any electrical repair.
  2. Remove the faulty connector: Carefully detach the faulty ABS sensor connector.
  3. Install the new connector: Connect the new ABS sensor connector, preferably using part number 6E0973702 for the best fit.
  4. Secure everything in place: Ensure that the connector is secure and that the sensor wire isn't under any strain.
  5. Reconnect the battery and test: After finishing the repair, reconnect the battery and test the ABS system to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Final Checks

After the repair, drive your vehicle in a safe environment to test the ABS system. Pay attention to the ABS light on the dashboard; it should remain off under regular conditions. Additionally, test the brakes under various scenarios to ensure that the ABS activates appropriately.


The ABS system is paramount for driving safety, ensuring that vehicles can maintain traction and avoid skidding under intense braking. Keeping the ABS sensor connector in top shape is essential for the system's efficiency. For Volkswagen Group vehicle owners, always opting for the more common part number 6E0973702 ensures compatibility and optimal function. Regularly inspect your ABS system, and if any issues arise, address them promptly to ensure a safe driving experience.

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